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Bespoke offers a variety of services in the design and construction of beautiful roof lights. For some of our customers, what they are looking for is a delightful one off order to create a stylish glass asset to their home. For others, it is to find a reliable company that can provide large scale requirements of elegant glazing that can be produced as industrial sized orders in a timely manner. Because we manufacture our products in-house, we can ensure that every unit is of exceptional quality. By managing the whole process from start to finish, we deliver orders on schedule and on budget, while keeping you posted every step of the way.

So, whether you are a private home owner, property developer or architect, we can provide fantastic, bespoke glass roof lights to suit a wide range of sizes, shapes and demand.


Our stylish roof lights are innovative in design and offer inspiration to architectural planning. We enjoy the challenge of coming up with new ideas and working together to integrate classic lines with contemporary compositions in glass. The roof lights we produce are unique to each project, and are designed only after a thorough consultation period during which we engage with architects and designers to ensure that we get the specification right for each project.

Having such a wide range of styles to choose from, Bespoke can accommodate any type of shape or size of roof light, with our focus on individual bespoke configurations. We offer a range of opaque, clear and mottled glass options as well as coloured and stained glazing. Bespoke has expertise in not only beautiful glazing, but how glass responds to the natural light, to bring an extensive range of uniquely created shapes to compliment a building. When designing our products we consider the natural environment in which the roof light would be positioned, ensuring that every unit makes the most out of what the outside can bring into an internal space through elegant glass designs. Our attention to detail ensures that whichever shape is used, the roof light will have finely detailed flush lines set against beautiful glass creations. The roof lights are suitable for both commercial and domestic use and can be made to order, with a reliable delivery date to help your project run smoothly.


At Bespoke we have a dedicated team that deal with the multiple orders which many of our builders and contractors require. Because we both design and manufacture our glazing in-house, we can promise to deliver on time and on budget. Having experience in working with property developers, we understand the importance of critical building essentials arriving on schedule and to accurate specification. Our craftsmanship in the glazing industry is second to none.

Bespoke has the ability to manage industrial size units, and scale up our processing to fit with your requirements, however large an order. With a firm background in working with well-known building contractors and property developers throughout the UK (as well as individual, private building projects) we have an excellent reputation of delivering quality glazing exactly when you need it. Our technical knowledge provides assurance that when you order with Bespoke, you order with confidence.


Bespoke offers a remarkable service which not only elaborates a property's architectural lines, but adds to the value of your home. A stylish roof light will allow more natural light in during the day and make a fabulous talking point at night, with bright moonlight cascading through the glazing into your room. Our roof lights compliment any style of property and, while it's important to work in the vernacular to create a sympathetic addition to an existing structure, because of our talented creative design team, we can also produce a one off piece like no other in a shape or style that perhaps you hadn't thought of. We have plenty of ideas up our sleeve and apply a fresh approach to each new assignment. Our friendly in-house glass experts manage the whole process, making sure ordering from us is a pleasurable and easy experience.

From the initial discussion about what sort of glass design might compliment your home, to technical drawings for your approval, right through to installation - we look after our customers every step of the way.

Each roof light is designed to order and to specifically work with your existing structure; the result of which will be the jewel in the crown of your home.


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